“Remedial Sketches” is a collection of some of my favorite drawings from my sketchbooks. I’ve compiled them in a way that shows the variety of styles and methods that I use when exploring each subject. To me, sketchbooks are the most intimate of all art forms because the drawings inside are generally not made to be seen by other people. Through this engaging book you get to take a tour through my sketchbooks, and mind.

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The reason I love drawing in my sketchbooks is because it is the most therapeutic, or remedial, thing that I do in my studio practice; hence the name of my new book. I’ve had tics since I was young, as a symptom of having Tourette Syndrome. The tics are cyclical and can get severe and debilitating, especially when I feel anxious. To me, anxiety feels like there’s all kinds of pressure built up inside of me, and the tics are my body’s way of releasing the pressure. I have discovered that while I’m drawing my tics seem to subside. It’s as if the pressure is being released through my pen instead of my face, and it’s a welcomed relief. For this reason I am constantly sketching, and have filled over 1,000 sketchbook pages in the last 12 months alone. 


“Remedial Sketches” is a book that is very personal to me because of how important sketching has become to me. I’ve spent the past few months compiling and organizing work from my sketchbooks to find my favorite pages. It has been hard to narrow it down and figure out what I want to go into the finished book and what doesn’t make the cut, because almost all of the drawings have meaning to me for one reason or another.